3 Crucial Technology Trends Guiding 2017

Now that we are already sailing in a new year, it would be great to start focusing on what is going to trend in the field of technology. Just like 2016 was a great year that saw many developments, we are no doubt going to see big changes also in the year ahead. However, as we expect big booms we need to make our analysis right, so we prepare well to embrace new techs. So what are we likely to see?

Well, from last year’s performance and the look of things at the moment, here are three techs that will have a great breakthrough in 2017:

The Internet of Things

Like it has always been in a couple of years ago, the internet of things will still accelerate in 2017. Over the years we have seen many developments that have truly transformed the world into a village-like globe. Every year, there are new platforms, applications and many other amazing developments. Large companies and players are all coming up with new ways of retaining their command. Remember that competition has been very stiff.

As a result, some Internet giants are on the lookout for methods of outdoing the new entrants that are threatening to wipe them out. As they compete, users benefit by getting a whole variety of stuff such as real word deployments, data applications, new ways of advertising and others.

Therefore, 2017 will no doubt see new and incredible developments in the internet of things which is great for us consumers.

Interesting Smartphones with New Features

In the recent past especially last year, we saw some mix up in the smartphone industry. The mix up included features such as overheating batteries, low-quality and funny hardware designs.

We, therefore, expect that the players in this industry will try to up their game. For example, Iphone is currently testing a new foldable design that we expect to hear more about soon.

It’s just a matter of a few months before we start seeing some new faces in the smartphone shops and outlets.

According to analysts, this will be a year of correcting some few mistakes included in past year’s developments.

Some PCs that were also boring last year will no doubt have some improvements and new releases to the market. In fact, some are already out and have interesting features.

Most PC Vendors have been driven by competition to come up with some new styles and features. All these are struggles to retain their market share that was almost being taken by iPhones with amazing features.

In 2017, PCs will be smarter than they have been on a level unseen for many years. And of course, don’t forget about the brutal smart watch war that is currently going on.

Automation and More Human-Like Computers

Robotics and artificial intelligence have been making headlines and will, of course, continue this year. Computers will start doing those things that have solely been done by humans. In fact, we might see them doing things we might not have reached or attempted in the past.

It, therefore, means that soon, we will be managing our society in ways that we’ve never thought. It’s expected that automation will help us do our chores efficiently. Will you automate operations at home or place of work? Don’t be left out.

In a nutshell, 2017 is again going to be a year of great breakthrough in the field of technology. We are yet to see amazing innovations we’ve never seen in the past. However, all these will only be fantastic things for those who are ready to embrace these trends and others.

Keep your mind open and get ready for the wonderful world of technology that will guide us in this breakthrough year of 2017.

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