5 Key Players In The Wearable Tech Industry

Wearable technology is obviously not a new thing. In fact, they were the best trends in 2016 in every tech market. So was it a climax? No, we are yet to see some big things that will boost this market further that we have ever imagined.

Companies and vendors in this great industry have been holding conferences and seminars to get the way forward. As a result, their network and joined hands will see the industry attract many.

To give you a clue of what this industry will be this year, here are five wearable techs that will make headlines:

#1. Smartwatches

2017 is going to obviously be a year of entry of amazing smartwatches with incredible features. There will be hybrid designer styles and some other fantastic features.

Have you ever thought about a watch that vibrates and give you some important notifications? Well, those are some of the things you’ll need to give a try this year when we start seeing some amazing watches out there.

Unlike the traditional ones we’ve been using for time keeping only, 2017 will see the entry of new faces in the watch industry. Watch out for them and give a try to a few.

#2. Wearable Payments

We all like saving time while at the same time making sure that we are secure when transacting. To help us achieve this, wearable payment devices have been made for us. Therefore, 2017 will see the demand for these devices increase. These devices include jewelry and watches with several master features for transactions.

There are so many being made that it’s hard to keep track of currently. Safety is an important aspect of these products, so make sure you do your research and transact safely and from the comfort of any place you like.

#3. Stress-Busting Wearables

We live in a word that sometimes might be stressful and worrying. However, any stressful situations shouldn’t bother us some much because there are great technologies that can help manage that. Have you ever heard about Thync Relax device? Well, it’s a device that’s great when it comes to brain massage. You just wear it around the neck and in no time, you’ll feel better. Such a device and others are very useful in stress management. We’ll, therefore, see it making headlines this year and even some years to come.

#4. Motus

Motus is an incredible wearable tech brand, specifically for athletes and people who just love sports and fitness. It’s manufactured in the US, and it’s very useful especially for athletes. The design is great and meant specifically for baseball players as it helps prevent injuries.

It’s also used to track time and performance. 2016 was a good year for this wearable tech. 2017 will, therefore, be still a breakthrough and boom for this amazing wearable tech brand.

#5. Hearables

Are you a fan of fine music and has been yearning to get a good earphone or any related device? Well, watch out for some great hearables to come this year. These devices will be more advanced in a few months to come.

Jabra, Samsung and Bose are some of the leading manufacturers that are working round the clock to give the best you deserve when it comes to wearables.

In a nutshell, wearable technologies have been gaining momentum on a colossal level that is carrying into 2017.

Many devices will be out there to help you meet your needs You can start browsing through the shelves of your favorite online stores.

Some are already full with these devices and are ready to be worn and perform their duties. If you are into wearable tech, prepare yourself for a great year.

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