Is Your Mac Slow?

Is Your Mac Always Slow? Here are Tricks and Tips to Speed It Up

It’s always great to have a Mac that’s fast and helps you do your work with a lot of ease. However, that’s not always what you’ll find yourself with especially when you do not know anything about increasing speed. Fortunately, you can speed up your Mac without shelling out a fortune to replace the hard drive or get additional RAM. You only need to have a few tricks, and you’ll no longer see that annoying spinning ball on your Mac. Just try these tips:

#1 Clear Out Caches

Massive caches and a backlog of history are some of the factors that contribute to slowing down your computer. If you regularly browse, then make sure that you clear them from time to time. What you need to know is that allowing them to pile up simply means enabling them to take up a lot of space on your hard drive and consequently slowing down your applications. Therefore, check out CCleaner for Mac and clear all caches and build up files.

#2 Clean Up the Desktop

A cluttered desktop will always slow down your system. That aside, it makes it difficult for you to access your files easily especially when you have too many of them. You should, therefore, sort out everything and organize your desktop. Avoid having a cluttered mess of icons by all means. Clean it up and enjoy a faster system. One simple way to do it is to put everything into a folder.

#3 Delete Apps and Uninstall Software You Don’t Use

If you have a lot of apps and software you don’t use or even remember when you installed them, then clear them, so you free up space and speed up your Mac. Get an AppCleaner and remove all those applications you no longer use. They not only fill up your drive but also contribute to slowing down your system. Therefore, free your boot drive and enjoy better performance.

#4 Do a Malware Scan

You’ve probably heard the popular myth that Macs do not get viruses. Though they have added security features, Macs are also prone to occasional intruders. Thankfully, there are many ways you can use to keep you safe. Just choose the best tool that will remove malware from your Mac. Options include one-time tools and around-the-clock scanners. With them, you will enjoy safety and high speed.

#5 Disable Login Items

If every time you switch on your Mac, it takes forever to start up, the chances are that there are many apps starting together with the system. You should, therefore, disable these logins and you’ll definitely speed up the booting process. Just check a list of apps that start up with your system and disable them.

Don’t content with a slow system or be made to believe that you can only improve the speed by getting additional RAM or a faster hard drive. With these five simple tricks, you can enjoy a better speed when using your computer.

As you can see, these are simple things that anyone can do. By giving your mac a renewed sense of life, it will be easier for you to keep up with the ever-moving world of technology.