How Social Media is becoming addicting in modern life

The social media and networking sites like Facebook, Whatsapp, Snapchat, Twitter, My Space and many others allow the users to keep in touch with the friends, relatives, colleagues etc. However, some people, especially youngsters, consume so much time on it that it starts to interfere in their daily lives. Psychologists refer to this type of stage as “Social Media Addiction”.

What is Addiction?

An addiction can be defined as:

  • Any habit that indulges you in some kind of enjoyable or pleasurable sensation
  • Signs of suffering happen when the habit is stopped that results in continuation.
  • The habit conflicts with the routine responsibility like family time, office work and other social duties.
  • The habit starts weakening your immune system as the person begins to need more of that habit.
  • In such a condition, the individual can indulge in evil activities to fulfill the need like stealing, lying or any other negative actions.

Symptoms of Social Media’s Addiction:

Following are some of the indications of social media’s addiction:

  • Over sharing:

There was a time when people were very insecure about their privacy. But now times have changed as people are more addictive to sharing their personal data and photos on Facebook or other sites. The reason behind such action is to get appreciation from other people. This type of disorder is also known as “Attention Seeking”.


  • Spending more than 1 hour on social media site:

There is a research on this topic that one person should not use internet for more than half an hour daily.



  • Facebook Checking:

Some users leave the sites open and then open it back and forth during working hours. While some others use Mobile Apps to check their Facebook Status during study, lunch or other spare hours. This is an extreme level of using social media websites.


  • Reporting:

We have often such friends that occur in our newsfeeds with some statuses, photos, posts and other such things. Such people report each and every happening in their lives on social media’s site, now matter how boring it is, only to get acknowledgment from others.


  • Obsessive perception about the Friends:

Some people spend too much time on deciding what to post, how to comment, which picture to upload. They try hard to hide their real personality towards the social media’s friends. This can lead to some mixed feeling about the self.


  • Disturbing study performance; office and study:

Few studies have clarified that using too much social media could directly affect the performance of studying. At times, it can even can lead to job resignation. Some users become more relaxed with the social media life in contrast to their real life. Following that is that one can become so much relied on Facebook to fulfill his/her desires.


  • Escapism:

Some people take support of social media to avoid conflicts or other disheartening situations. Many users use social media to feel relaxed and relieved.


  • Searching New Friends:

According to a study, those people who found and made more friends on Facebook are tending to be more upset. As you will make more friends, the pressure on you will start increasing more. This is because you have to maintain a proper image and reputation in front of the more and more people.


Following are some great tips to get rid off from this awful addiction:

  • Find out how much time you are using social media daily.
  • Set a fixed time and schedule for using Social media; not more than one hour.
  • Take a leave from Social media for one month and try to concentrate on other actions.
  • Switch off the notifications.
  • Prepare a list of planning that you will do when you are away from social media life.
  • The best treatment is to block Facebook and Instagram and analyze the results that come afterwards.